“Karen was extremely helpful in troubleshooting my personal hangups and barriers to effectiveness. She is a fast study, a great listener, creative, and articulate. Her Inner Fortune system draws attention to all major aspects of life and work and provides tools for increasing personal effectiveness, especially in sales.” ~ Randy Jones

Insight []


If all of your needs are met, it is natural to take life for granted. There are two remedies: sabotage your needs or explore your depths in constant gratitude. The latter is Inner Fortune. ~ Karen Ribeiro

Experience []


“Having the Inner Fortune journaling process before me has made me more attentive and reflective to the process and progress of my daily life and activities in various categories.”
~ Wendell Wiebe-Powell

Reflection []


A Memoir illustrating the quest for meaning in life, love and livelihood; A tribute to the process of discovering common ground.

“Karen’s enthusiasm for life and hunger for self-awareness are infectious!” ~ Beth Webster

Passion []

Do what you can ... With what you have ... Where you are!